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Rock Music Time Machine?

My mother couldn’t pry me from the television. 

I was glued to it watching, Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii.

I was probably eight years old. 

Elvis was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Shortly after watching The King I thought I could be like him so I took guitar lessons. But it didn’t last. I turned to drugs… I mean… sports instead. Had I stuck with guitar maybe I’d be a rock legend today. You’d find me donning a white jumpsuit belting out Suspicious Minds on a Las Vegas side street next to a hooker.

Ah, unfulfilled dreams.

But then the ’80’s came… and Rush.

I remember buying Moving Pictures at the mall. When I listen to that record today it takes me back. I must have listened to that album ten thousand times. 

Music is a time machine.

I also liked pop rock like Bryan Adams or John Cougar (Mellenhead). I guess you could say I love all kinds of rock music. 

However, the rock music of the Beatles influenced me the most.

My favorite Beatle was Lennon. I freaked out when he died. My friend John and I walked the streets of our neighborhood after his death playing Imagine on my tape recorder. I had one of those tape recorders where you push the record and play button down at the same time and you could make a recording. You could also just play cassettes on it. I’m not sure if boomboxes had been invented yet all I had was the tape recorder.

Recently, I visited the Dakota in New York City where Lennon was shot and a bunch people also were visiting the Dakota all these years later. I walked across the street and sat on a green bench holding my copy of Catcher In The Rye. A black guy played guitar and sang Eight Days A Week. He was good. Lennon really influenced a lot of people.

photo of john lennon in front of the dakota in new york city

Maybe rock music can bring peace like Lennon hoped for from his bed, stop all the stupid riots, uprisings and political nonsense. But I doubt it. It’s definitely crazy out there. 

I guess I’ll just stay here with my rock music time machine and listen to Rush or watch Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii. Life seemed happier when Elvis was around.

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