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Rock Music, Big Hair and…

Ahhhh, the 1980’s when rock music stars sported voluminous big-hair. You remember the big-hair bands: Bon Jovi, Warrant, Poison, Whitesnake, Firehouse, Quiet Riot. These rock gods and many others ruled the land back in the day. 

Yes ma’am, those were the days.

However, a haunting question keeps me awake at night. Will the big-hair cycle ever return? 

I HOPE the big-hair cycle returns. 

We needbig hair today. Can you imagine how much better President Trump would have been if he had 1985 Bon Jovi hair? What if Bill Belichick had big-hair like David Coverdale from Whitesnake? He easily would have won more Super Bowls. 

But even though we all agree big hair is really awesome and cool, rock music from the ’80’s was even better. I loved those songs, big hair or not. I do cringe when I hear rock music from the ’80’s that sucks today like The Final Countdown by Europe. How could I have possibly liked that song. However, the lead singer Joey Tempest did have magnificent big-hair. 

But big hair wasn’t the only hairstyle that rocked the ’80’s. 

Many rock music legends wore fantastic mullets. I can think of a few: Bowie, Bono, McCartney. Of course Billy Ray Cyrus sported the best one of all, although he wasn’t a rock music legend. 

But getting back to big hair. Where did it come from? Apparently, it started with glam rock from the ’70’s. Glam rock influenced the rock bands of the ’80’s. Finally, we had had enough and Grunge drove a wooden stake into both. Kinda like an early cancel culture. However, I do foresee a future where everyone on planet earth is required to wear a government-issued uniform and forced to have a mullet.

What a wonderful world it would be. 

So now that you’re inspired to grow your own big-hair or mullet. Here are some tips. Think volume. First grow your hair long. Then buy a powerful blow dryer and a case of mousse. 

If the mullet is more your style, good for you. You demonstrate a fearless persona (something I read on a fortune cookie.)

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