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My Favorite Rock Band Is The Beatles

My favorite rock band is the Beatles. 

I discovered the Beatles when I was a little kid. The first song I heard was Hello Goodbye. When I first heard Hello Goodbye the buzz amongst the other little kids in the neighborhood was the McCartney Mystery Scam. 

I couldn’t get enough of it. 

I would play Beatle records backwards hoping to hear a clue. I believed all of it. Yep, McCartney had died in a car wreck. The clues were everywhere just look at the cover of Sgt Pepper then listen to Day In The Life. Check out the cover of Abbey Road. McCartney was dead. There was no denying it.

The McCartney Mystery Scam and Hello Goodbye made the Beatles the coolest thing in the world for me. I don’t know how the scam started. Maybe the Beatles invented it as a marketing ploy. If they did that made them evener cooler. 

But back to Hello Goodbye. 

I loved that song. I liked the melody. I mean what else could I have liked other than the melody. It's not like I was judging their musicianship or something like that. I was just a little kid.

But after discovering Hello Goodbye and the McCartney Mystery Scam I tried to find out more about the Beatles. But being a little kid what could I do?  

I could go to the Toy Carnival.

The Toy Carnival was paradise. It held all my favorite toys: GI Joe, Rock Um Sock Um Robots, Vampire Blood. They also sold 45 rpm records. I would blow all my birthday money at this store. 

One day while flipping through the 45’s, I discovered Jet by Paul McCartney and Wings and realized I’d been scammed. He wasn’t dead? Who are the Wings? What about the Beatles? 

So I bought Jet and stuffed it in my sack and drove my bike with the banana seat and chrome sissy bar home. After I got home and parked my bike in the garage, I played the song. It was the best song ever. 

Now I liked two bands: The Beatles, and Wings. And Paul McCartney was a member of both. 

Now I just needed to discover who dreamed up the McCartney Mystery Scam. Genius.

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