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I’m Glad Paul McCartney Hasn’t Gotten A Facelift

Rock stars are cursed. 

It’s cursed to be a young and famous rock star, then fifty years later you’re still famous but no longer young. 

For example, I’m frightened when I see pictures of Paul McCartney and how old he looks today. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just that I have posters and pictures of the once young Beatle, and when I see his picture today it reminds me; the grim reaper lurks again. 

Yes, the grim reaper waits for no one, not even the guy who gave us Yesterday.


But it’s really got to suck being a rock star dealing with looking old. Looking old when you’re a famous rock star and your face starts to droop and sag and your hair recedes into the forest or disappears altogether must blow. Especially when the world has pictures and posters and albums hanging on walls showing a once powerful young rock star. 

Oh well, as Frank Sinatra used to say…that’s life. 

But life offers solutions, and it's tempting to seek out a little help now and then. So one day you may find yourself thumbing through the yellow pages in search of a face doctor. A little bondo here or there is okay, but full-on botox and facelifts can make you look like a monster. You know who I’m talking about.

I’m not talking about Paul McCartney, however. I’m glad McCartney hasn’t gotten a facelift. And I’m pretty positive John Lennon would have never gotten botox injected into his lips. But hey, who knows? 

And I’m happy McCartney stopped dying his hair. Chestnut brown hair just doesn’t mix with a seventy-five year old face. I remember seeing this guy last year walking his black poodle in the park. He had to be eighty-seven years old. His jet black hair matched the poodles.  

So it isn't just the narcissistic rock star who wants to stay young. 

So do I.

I guess that’s why I like listening to classic rock and roll. Classic rock and roll delivers me back to a time in history when I was young, if only in my memory, not in the mirror.

The times they are a-changing but I believe in yesterday.

Avoid sugar and bread. Rock on.

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