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I Left Her For Larry Bird

I left her for Larry Bird.

In 1976, Farrah Fawcett was my girlfriend. I lovingly scotched taped her poster to my bedroom wall. She became my girlfriend. 

farrah fawcett poster

Eventually, I broke up with Farrah. I replaced her with a Larry Bird poster. Sorry Farrah. Basketball called. 

Today, when I look at the famous Farrah Fawcett poster it makes me happy. I’m twelve years old again.

A few years later my best friend John and I jammed with the Beatles in John’s basement. 

Okay, a poster of the Beatles jammed with us. 

But still, it felt like the Beatles were there. John Lennon stared at me, though. He told me to practice my bar chords even though my fingertips screamed. 

Why not invite Led Zeppelin over to your house? You can.

While a rock poster of Zeppelin isn’t literally like having them in your house, it can make you feel like they are. Posters have a bonding effect. Today, when I see the Beatle poster that hung on John’s basement wall, it reminds me of our jam sessions. It makes me happy. 

We all want to be happy. Especially during the “plague.” We need nostalgia. Posters can help. 

Plus, posters are cheap. 

Best of all, when you look at beautiful art you get the same physical reactions you get when you fall in love. Brain doctor Semir Zeki, apparently scanned the brains of people while they scrutinized artwork. He said when a person looks at art they find beautiful, it releases dopamine into their brain. 

Dopamine makes you feel good. If you lack dopamine you get sad and depressed. You can’t concentrate. So according to Dr. Zeki, viewing something you find beautiful can make you feel better.

Heck, just unrolling a poster and relaxing it on the floor with a few books on each corner makes you feel better. It demonstrates a level of care and concern for what the image represents (see… despite what your family says, you are a caring individual.)

So if you want to feel better consider visiting an art museum. However, I’m not sure museums are open yet. The “plague” is lowering my dopamine levels again. 

Where’s my Farrah Fawcett poster?

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